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Welcome to Hoachland! This is a site that I created as a gift for my father. You can begin your experience by first reading the introduction. Enjoy!

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Hoach's Biography

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Short Stories - Fiction
Misty and Her Secret Garden
Ellen Emm
Seeing is Believing
Just Another Story
The Wayward Jackass
The Story of Intelligent Design
What Goes Around
Myrtle the Turtle
Baby Bunch
The Long Way Around

Slice of Life
WWII - Summary of the Return Home
Three Days During WWII
My father's religious views
Christmas During WWII
WWII - Charlie Mardigian
Surviving WWII
A Slice of Hoach's Life
Minas Bouloutian
My Attic
Armenians are Natural Orators
I am an Armenian!

Slice of Life - Continued
Growing Up in a Large Family
History of the Armenians
What is a Hantes? Philadelphia - The Early Days
The Vosbikian Band
1930 Picnic
In Remembrance - NEW!
From Gettysburg to Yerevan

Hoachland Food/Recipes
About Armenian Cooking
Recipe for Hoach's Hooch

Dear Hovsep - - More Added (Like Dear Abbey, but funnier.)

Quotes Directory
spacerFamous Quotes from my
father, family, and friends).


Honor and Humanity -- A poem by George Endrigian

Xmas Messages
Favorite Links
To Uncle Jirair
Pope John Paul II's Prayer for Armenians
Favorite commentaries
Pictures of Armenia
Operation Downfall

Hoach's Favorite Writings
One Solitary Life
Calf Path
The Weaver

FREE Vosbikian Wavs - MORE ADDED!

Martin Tourigian Paintings


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See Armenia Live from a Web Camara on Mt. Ararat (which is an inactive volcano in Armenia, and where many believe Noah's Arc landed) CLICK HERE.

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