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In case you're interested, here is a list of some of my favorite commetaries
listed by subject. Enjoy! Click on date to view commentary.

My Father's Youth12/08/1991
The Armenian Flag on Ben Franklin Pkway 10/10/1988
The September 11th Attack on the World Trade Center11/02/2001
New Years Eve in Philadelphia 11/10/1989
What is an Armenian Hantes? 04/22/1986
History of the Armenians 02/16/2001
What my father's life was like growing up with three brothers and sisters03/04/1999
Mother Teresa 09/11/1997
The Gore/Bush Election in 2000. 1/25/01
The Armenian church split in 1933. 1/14/02
The Passion of Christ Movie 033004
Intelligent Design 080505
Armenians are natural orators 10/25/84
The Vosbikian Band Click Here

If anyone knows my father, then you probably know about his yearly Holiday message. Here are some that he's written.
12/18/1988 12/7/1993 11/4/1994 12/3/1999 12/2000
10/24/2001 12/2002 12/15/2003 11/28/2005

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