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Hoachland wants to acknowledge those products and software that are responsible for helping to put this site together. Credits not listed here are displayed with proper acknowledgements.


First, this floral background, and the bird and flower images that you see around this site were taken from this above picture that my late grandfather drew back in 1968. (Everything was created with psp version 7.)

wedding picture

Here is the wedding picture of the artist with his wife
(my grandparents), Bedros and Vartanoush
(Peter and Rose) Vosbikian.

Hoachland Credits
Code Brain Image for iframe.class and the excellent service they provided me when I had problems installing it.
JASC PSP Paint Shop Pro - Version 7 for all the backgrounds and Images I created
David Griffith's Lake Effect Image David Griffith's Lake Effect.
BHP Grab Bag (America OnLine) for web page tricks like no underline and hovers on URLs. (No longer available.)
This is the tutorial that taught me how to put together lake effects with snow and also provided the scripts.
Here is THE link that helped turn me into a more serious web-page writer/designer.
Not only do I have to thank Fabio Ciucci for all the page effects that I used, but this Anfy chat group gave me some wonderful ideas on how to use Anfy software (Linda, Brett, and Tom).
Gold Wave is what allowed me to create the Armenian music wavs on this site.
This software is what I used for the flash on my main site.
This script is what I used for the wavs on my site.
The music from the Vosbikian Band is no longer available for sale. The original recordings were made on 78 rpm records. Many thanks to my brother for recording the songs onto a CD.
I have to give credit where credit it due. I have the good fortune of knowing that I have such wonderful family, extended family, and friends, who gave me input and advice. I love all of you!

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