I'm sure if you've never read about Armenia (or Armenians) before, my father's commentaries may be overwhelming. So in case you're interested in learning more, here are a few sites that will help provide more information for you about Armenia/Armenians.

bird image Armenia label reverse bird image

bird image This is a lecture that I enjoyed reading from Pastor Vazken Movsesian and would like to share with everyone. Not only does he provide a brief history of Armenians, but he truly gives you an idea what Armenian people are like today.
bird image Armenian and Karabagh Maps
bird image The Armenian Constitution
bird image Cilicia.com has extensive Armenian information and great links that will teach you about the Armenian alphabet, the church, and our culture. There's a single's chat at this site also.
bird image Learn all about Armenia's Government via the Official Armenian Government's Official Web Site
bird image The President of Armenia's official web site.
bird image Official reports and proclamations affirming the Armenian Genocide.

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